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I’m Rhonda, a Frontend Developer
specialising in WordPress development.

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My Passion is to help companies grow in the digital space by creating a smooth online experience.

A little about me
I am a Frontend Developer, I design and build responsive websites and marketing pages. I have worked with several platforms but I prefer to use WordPress.

Most of my skill has come from my experience in the industry.  I have worked on campaigns for large companies like 2degrees & QCard and hundreds of small to medium businesses.  I also have a Diploma in Web Development, a certificate in Web Design and a Certificate in Writing for the web.

Personal Achievements
I have created a successful online content website that generates 10,000 – 20,000 visitors a day, and over 120,000 unique daily visitors during successful campaigns.  Working on this website keeps me up to date with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords and much more.

My websites start with an initial consultation, where we can establish two important factors:

Target Audience
As far as I’m concerned, you cannot plan, design or build a website until you know who you are building it for.

Understanding your target audience will enable me to come up with a suitable design that resonates with the viewer, it also determines the language that will be used and it’s a huge factor in planning the user experience.

Website Goals/Objectives
Every website should have a clear purpose and every page on the website should have its own goal that guides your visitor to where you want them to go.

For example, if you want more phone calls, your website will be encouraging its users to call you.

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